[Forest Ep 1] Are we there yet?

Years ago I started Sunny and Rainy as standalone slice of life comic strips, and last year I started working on this longer side story, so here’s a summary of it.

Sunny, Rainy & friends go to the woods to work procrastinate on their group assignment, enjoy nature and experience unexplained cryptid sightings. 👽

Also featuring: a kind ranger, Emilia having her worst day ever, orbs, absolutely no work getting done, spooky woods and a tonal shift that makes you wonder if this is now a horror comic (it’s not!).

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Forest ep 1: 01
Forest ep 1: 02
Forest ep 1: 03
Forest ep 1: 04
Forest ep 1: 05
Forest ep 1: 06

New chapter begins! It will be the longest SR side story so far and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it! It will contain spooky vibes and cryptids.

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