[Forest Ep 30] Sighting

Short episode because this is basically a full page illustration.

If you like horror movies then I recommend The Ritual (2017) to see some of the vibes that inspired parts of this forest chapter of Sunny and Rainy. Of course, SR continues being a comedy with minimal spookiness and no graphic violence, but the movie is legit horror. It’s just a genre I like a lot.

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4 thoughts on “[Forest Ep 30] Sighting

  1. oh wow this is gorgeous and unsettling…..the slight pop of blue amidst all the red is so eye-catching!!


    1. Thank you! That was a lot of fun to draw even though it’s tonally quite a departure from the rest of the art but I hope it wasn’t too jarring.

  2. Oh Emilia’s really in it now!

    This page is beautiful and I really love how the framing effect from the trees makes it just subtly disturbing!

    1. I’m glad to hear it was slightly disturbing! That’s what I was going for, I didn’t want it to be TOO disturbing though. Thank you for commenting as always. I love reading your comments. <3

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