[Forest Ep 30] Sighting

Short episode because this is basically a full page illustration.

If you like horror movies then I recommend The Ritual (2017) to see some of the vibes that inspired parts of this forest chapter of Sunny and Rainy. Of course, SR continues being a comedy with minimal spookiness and no graphic violence, but the movie is legit horror. It’s just a genre I like a lot.

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6 thoughts on “[Forest Ep 30] Sighting

  1. Omg this full-pager is *gorgeous*!! I see where you were inspired by the ritual (GREAT pull). That deer tho!! Catching up on a long backlog and I am absolutely loving the forest episode. My favorite things: sapphics in the woods having fun with mysterious things.

    1. Thank you for the comment! <3 I've been worried about if ppl who started reading the comic would also like the forest chapter since it's such a long chapter and it also has spooky vibes but I'm glad to hear that you did!

  2. oh wow this is gorgeous and unsettling…..the slight pop of blue amidst all the red is so eye-catching!!


    1. Thank you! That was a lot of fun to draw even though it’s tonally quite a departure from the rest of the art but I hope it wasn’t too jarring.

  3. Oh Emilia’s really in it now!

    This page is beautiful and I really love how the framing effect from the trees makes it just subtly disturbing!

    1. I’m glad to hear it was slightly disturbing! That’s what I was going for, I didn’t want it to be TOO disturbing though. Thank you for commenting as always. I love reading your comments. <3

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