[Forest Ep 39] Mission accomplished


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4 thoughts on “[Forest Ep 39] Mission accomplished

  1. Head cannon: Vivian is making that face in the last panel because she suddenly got super cold

    Also that’s a nice gradient light thing you do to shift the focus in that last image! Is that a filter? It blends super well with how the layers interact

    1. Oh you mean the light coming from her flashlight? I just used a regular soft airbursh tool at a large size, so it kind of looks like a gradient.

      Vivian suddenly realizing something is behind her. :’)
      Thank you for your comment!

    (for real tho, the composition for the monster reveal panel is amazing; FANTASTIC choice)

    1. Thank you! I had planned how to lay out these panels a while back already, but in the end they’re different than what I had originally imagined but I’m happy with the result anyway. 🙂 I wanted to show some of the creature but not all of it yet so I hope it worked!

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