[God of Tea 18] Buff arms

Why even learn witchcraft… 😔

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3 thoughts on “[God of Tea 18] Buff arms

  1. ive caught up!!! on the buff arms arc of all things, now i must wait 😭 (really loving this comic, binged it the last couple days)

  2. I appreciate the standard “magic is not a shortcut” moral, but I have to be honest: I’m not buying it. If there’s a potion that permanently reverses the effects of puberty AND gives you the organs to support it, you could use a similar formula to add muscle mass. It might need a big energy source to provide the material to build them out of, but that’s clearly a solved problem.

    At this point, the only angle my feeble brain’s coming up with is that the gender juice potion is a pet project fueled by an otherworldly power with a vested interest in trans people being happy. Which is also great, but still.

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