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Standalone Sunny and Rainy comic strips. These are short strips where each episode is about 1-4 pages long. That’s how this comic started out initially. You can read them in any order you want.

Sunny's Sleep Saga chapter

Sunny is suffering from insomnia and she uses magic to finally get a good night’s sleep. Her spell is so powerful, however, that she can’t wake up any more! Rainy and friends are here to help. Can they wake her up again?

Catification Spell chapter

Rainy’s spell accidentally transforms her into a cat. Fortunately, Sunny is a cat person and she’s happy to help out her girlfriend. There is no end to chaos (or cats).

The Forest Chapter AKA The Shaded Grove

The Forest Chapter AKA The Shaded Grove is the longest Sunny and Rainy story yet. Sunny, Rainy and friends go into the woods to work on an assignment. This spooky comedy features magical mushrooms, being gay in outdoor setting, cryptids, UFOs and procrastination.