[Forest Ep 107] What did I do

Here it is, the last episode of the Forest chapter!! Thank you for reading! The next story is called God of Tea and it’s focused on Sunny.

I do want to make some stories that focus on other characters and where Sunny or Rainy might not play a (big) part. The two of them are the titular characters but I also want to continue telling the stories of other characters too. To me, SR is about all of them. What do you think? Who is your favorite character?

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4 thoughts on “[Forest Ep 107] What did I do

  1. I refuse to play favorites, and stories focusing on the other characters, even if presented as “side” chapters, are always fun. Makes the world feel more alive and less like a video game that S&R are playing in.

    1. ohh so you don’t have a favorite character? i’ve actually thought about what a SR videogame would look like. it would have this cute lowpoly 3D look (i don’t know how to make a game so that will never happen).

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